Our Writers

The Democratisation of Ideas

The plethora of non-fiction works that have flooded the market in the last ten years has allowed the non-fiction space to overtake fiction, as more writers take advantage of the public’s appetite for the genre’s increasing variety.

Non-Fiction Works is an engine for gifted writers to take advantage of these market opportunities, encouraging the development of their works into a more accessible format that would appeal more widely to the general public.  Some of our writers are based in the world of academia: gifted students and practising academics are often presented with the limited outlets of academic presses and various journals as publishing channels for their written work; but what if their works could be adapted to appeal to a wider public market?  We are also keen to attract the experienced professional or expert caught in that middle ground between academic credibility and the often prescriptive world of literary agents focusing on specific and narrow corners of the popular non-fiction market. We welcome anyone who has knowledge, experience or expertise in a particular field: an academic wanting to broaden their public outreach; a graduate student searching for a new project; an experienced professional  wanting to tell their story; or an expert in an area where no book has yet done justice to their subject-matter.

Non-Fiction Works originates writing content in two ways: we approach writers with book proposals that we feel would best exploit existing market demand; and we welcome submissions from prospective writers via this website. In the latter case we ask you to complete our ‘Submissions’ page; we need you to tell us more about your ideas, and why you feel they fill a gap in the current non-fiction book market. 

If your online submission has potential, we will contact you by email in order to discuss your book proposal further.  Assuming satisfactory progress is made, we will then ask you to enter into a literary agency contract with us.